hi, <BR> i was just trying to implement two-dimesional array functionality using dictionary object. but I am unable to get the value using row(0)(0).Plese help me. the detailed source code is given below.<BR><BR> while not sql_RS.EOF<BR> test=""<BR><BR> Set column=Server.CreateObject"Scripting.Dictionary")< BR> for j=0 to fieldCount-1 <BR> column.add j,sql_RS(j)<BR> &#039test=test+sql_RS(j)+","<BR> &#039Response.Write sql_RS(j)<BR> Next<BR> row.add i,column<BR> i=i+1 <BR> sql_RS.MoveNext<BR> Set column=Nothing <BR> Wend<BR> <BR> Response.Write row(0)(0)&"<BR>" &#039here i am trying to retrieve the value from the pseudo array.<BR>