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    A couple of questions - any help appreciated because I know 0 javascript<BR><BR>1. How to pop open a new window when clicking on a link (which the new window should use as the url). note : the link is dynamically generated<BR><BR>2. When clicking on a dynamically generated link - a dialog box should pop up to confirm going to that link or to cancel the action.<BR><BR>I&#039m sure these are easy for those who know how<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Eddie

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    the first one<BR><BR>, name, options);<BR><BR>replace those with whatever you need<BR><BR>second :<BR><BR>if(confirm(&#039your message here&#039)) {<BR> .. window open code here<BR>}<BR><BR>i strongly advise you to check out webmonkey&#039s excellent javascript tutorials<BR><BR>j

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