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    I am currently developing some new webpages for my R/C aeroplane club. I would really like to add a picture gallery, where all the members of the club can add their own pictures. I currently use ASPSmartUpload to upload the images to the server, and a routine I found on this site to find the image size and type. <BR><BR>The problem is that the images are rather large, and when displayed as a thumbnail, the entire picture is downloaded to the users browser, and then resized within the browser according to the resize attributes. This is painfully slow, especially when the picture is from a hi-res digital camera...<BR><BR>What I really would like to do, is have a component that would resize the image server-side, and store it there, so that for the thumbnail I could display a smaller image.<BR><BR>I have tried to write my own component, but it stranded on the fact that the .gif storage algorithm is licensed, and the jpeg storage algorithm I found had bugs in it.<BR><BR>Does anybody have knowledge about a component that would fullfill my needs?<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>Erling Paulsen<BR>

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