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    i&#039m developing an asp app running on nt4.0<BR><BR>i got this question... how do we control so that when i install my app <BR>at my client site... they can&#039t copy it to another server... <BR>eventhough they can, i wanna build an intelligent checking that <BR>whenever my app wanna run it will check against this checking first..<BR>AND the rule is, the checking should as secure as prossible ...

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    You could use:<BR>Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")<BR> <BR>This will return the server&#039s host name, DNS alias, or IP address.

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    Unfortunately, there really is no secure way to do what you ask. The reason is that you are delivering the complete source code to your client. No matter what scheme you devise, all they would have to do is hire a programmer to remove the protection you have installed. <BR><BR>Now, the closest you will be able to come to good protection is to cast your script(s) as some sort of component. It doesn&#039t have to be every script, but perhaps some key script (or even a few key functions) might do. These components, in addition to performing the function you desire, could do other things, depending on how paranoid -- er -- security conscious you want to be. For example, they could communicate via TCP or UDP back to your server somewhere, sending information on which server they were running, etc.<BR><BR>You might also consider (if you have your own server) keeping some of the functionality on your own server. Your scripts could call a few key functions from your own server. Then you could monitor the IP address (or addresses!) that the requests are coming from and take action if necessary. The problem here would be whether or not you disclosed this to your client ahead of time. If you didn&#039t, it would not be a good idea.<BR><BR>But, having said all of this, the point becomes moot if you did not make this clear when you began work with this client. If you intend that this software should be used on a single server only, then that should be one of the terms of your licensing contract. Ummm, you DO have a contract, don&#039t you? :-) <BR><BR><BR>

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