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    I would like to do a table (1 row and 2 columns) like a window explorer, is it possible ??<BR><BR>Let me further detail it.<BR>------------------<BR>&#124 &#124 &#124<BR>&#124 Cell &#124 Cell &#124<BR>&#124 1 &#124 2 &#124<BR>&#124 &#124 &#124<BR>------------------<BR><BR>say, in cell 1, I put in the toc (threaded one, just like the one on the LHS of the Window Explorer), and in cell 2, I put in what ever I click on the TOC in cell 1.<BR><BR>Is it possible ?? If yes, how do I go about doing it ?? Is there such codes avaiable ??<BR><BR>I would really apprepriate if someone can help me with this. This is urgent, I need it asap...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    &nbsp;<BR> Use Frames.. in LHS you can Put toc and in RHS<BR> related detalis...<BR><BR> you can find the code for this in<BR><BR> hope this will help..<BR><BR> Arvind.

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    Mmm.. Ya, I&#039ve thought of that.... Thx Arvind anyway.. mmm... Let&#039s say that I want to do it in table form instead of frames, is it possible ?? B&#039coz the rest of my webpages aren&#039t in frames and they (my team members) don&#039t want it in it is possible to do it in table form (the table can act like a frame ??) ??<BR><BR>Thanks.

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