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    I grabbed one amasing full-text search script from this site and everything is great, but now I would like it to search not just through my site but also through some related sites in the intranet. All I actually need to do is to create a virtual directory, but there&#039s the problem.<BR>I have Win98 on my machine so I run PWS. It lets me to create virtual directories only on my local drives. So for instance my home PWS directory is C:/Inetpub, and now from my home page I can search not only a website in this directory but also a couple of sites on drives D: and E: But what about sites on network drives? Even if I map a network drive PWS can&#039t create a virtial directory on it. Is there a way around it? Can IIS (on NT server) create virtual directory on network drives?

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    it&#039s worked on NT4 for me - haven&#039t tried it via PWS<BR><BR>j

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    what is ure name

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