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    I have an address database that will be maintained via SQL Server & ASP web pages. Anyone in the organization can input new records, but the proposed changes need to be approved by an administrator before they are inserted in the DB.<BR><BR>My thought was that the proposed change could be started as a transaction. The administrator then would commit or roll back the transaction. Problem is, every tutorial I&#039ve ever seen on this matter describes doing the entire transaction on one web page. I&#039ll need to spread this out over at least two pages. Here are my specific questions:<BR><BR><BR>1) How would I start a transaction on one web page and then commit it or roll it back on a 2nd web page?<BR>2) How can I create a list of transactions that are pending approval? <BR>3) If this can&#039t be done, how else should I do it? I guess I could insert the values into the database, but just flag them as "pending approval". <BR><BR>THANKS!

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    I don&#039t know how you are going to use transaction here,but why don&#039t you just create administrator table and insert data of anyone in the organization there.Then create page for administrator only, which will pull out data,and he/she will do the last insert or send back(whatever)to DB you need?

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