How can i check if a table already exists?<BR><BR>Thats because i use a temp. table to show results to a user. (by ASP, in SQL-server 7)<BR>Normally this isn&#039t a problem, because i drop the table after showing the results.<BR>But when a error occures, ASP don&#039t drop the table.<BR><BR>So -&#062; how can i check this? (By SQL-code or VB-code???)<BR><BR>Second question:<BR><BR>How can i add two attributes from a table / recordset?<BR><BR>example:<BR><BR>set view = db.execute("select * from tablename;")<BR><BR>counter=counter+view("attribut e")<BR><BR>End example:<BR><BR>When i use this code, i get a error back from the IIS-server. TYPE MISMATCH<BR><BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Pieter <BR> <BR>