difference between <object> tag and crea

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Thread: difference between <object> tag and crea

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    hi !<BR>i want to initialize a COM dll within my asp page. how do i do that ? can i use server.createobject("mycomobject") . <BR>can i also do smthing like ,<BR>&#060;object&#062; runat = server name = "mycomobject" &#060;/object&#062;<BR><BR>OR i&#039m absolutely off track ? any help or articale link will be highly appreciated.<BR>thanks in advance <BR>milind

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    not sure an bout the object tag in a page, but you can initialise a session or application stored object in global.asa (as long as it&#039s free threaded)<BR><BR>why not just give it a try??<BR><BR>j

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