I know it is possible to create SQL tables from an<BR>asp page, however the statements I have used previously<BR>has not been complicated with SQL statements such as<BR>Go<BR>Alter Table messages Add Constraint<BR> PK_messages Primary Key Nonclustered<BR>Go<BR>Create Nonclustered Index IX_messages_mid On message <BR><BR>and stuff like that.I would like to know if I can make<BR>my ASP sql query contain all these statements or would it be better <BR>to break them up into segments ie. <BR>SQL1 = "create table"<BR>SQL2 = "Go alter"<BR> as opposed to <BR>SQL = " Create table ..." & _<BR> " go " & _<BR> " alter table ..."<BR><BR>and so on and so on...<BR>which method would work and which is better...(big hint its the asp101 SQL forum syntax I would like to place into an asp page)<BR><BR>Also how do I check for the existence of a table in the database.<BR>I&#039m used to having access to MS SQL enterprise MGR<BR>and never had to use SQL to find to determine the existence of a table...<BR>Thank you for you patience and help<BR>