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    Hi, I&#039ve been doing a research about ADO Transactions. I have a user registeration page which is divided to 4 parts. Every part stores part of the information about the user. At the end of the 4th ASP page I should commit the transaction. Now, how to implement Nested Transactions on mulitiple pages?

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    I&#039m not sure that it&#039s possible to have a single transaction spanning multiple ASP requests, because I think each request happens in a different ObjectContext (I could be wrong).<BR><BR>What might be easier would be to store the data from each step in a staging table, and only move it to its final resting place at the end. That way you don&#039t need to worry about spanning the transaction, plus you can write it so that the user can get halfway through, close their browser, come back later and finish the process.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Hi,<BR>I think this is a better idea. I saved the data in a cookie and then moved it to the database in the final stage. Thanks King!

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