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    Joon du Randt Guest

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    I have a problem.<BR>I wrote a COM+ component, using Visual Basic 6.0, Service Pack 4. I then tried to run it as different users, to ascertain how COM+ passes credentials to SQL Server, etc. <BR>I was calling it from a VB application, running on the same computer as the component.<BR>What I found was very strange, as well as quite annoying:<BR>-If the component runs as the interactive user, calling it from the VB app works perfectly.<BR>-If I set the component to run as another user, right after a reboot of the machine, i.e. it has not been called before during the time that the computer has been up, I get a Runtime Error &#039 13&#039 (Type Mismatch), while running the component. This error then persists, even if I change the component to run as the Interactive user again. After a reboot, it then works perfectly under the Interactive User, and then, after it has been working, if I set to the other user, it works, and SQL server sees the connection as being from that user.<BR><BR>Now, for the question : <BR>Do any of you guys know what is causing the Type mismatch? I would speculate that it is caused by an initialisation bug in COM+, or possible by a permission problem, but I am not sure<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Joon du Randt<BR>

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    Joon du Randt Guest

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    OK, I figured it out. This error was caused by my VB project not begin set for binary compatibility.<BR><BR>When the dll is re-compiled, VB changes the internal id&#039s used, if it is not set to binary compatibility. This then causes the type mismatch error, if the new dll is not re-registered with COM+.<BR><BR>Now it works<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Joon du Randt

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