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Thread: How to embed an Image in my Email

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    Default How to embed an Image in my Email

    I am struck up in my work, which needs to send a mail to the client in which i&#039ll also be embedding an image of The Company Logo in it. but when i keep code of "&#060;IMG src=&"&#062;&#060;/IMG&#062;" <BR>I am getting the text as it is. i tried many types like keeping <BR>"& gt" === &#062; ( gave spaces between as it is printing &#062; )<BR>"& lt" === &#060;<BR><BR>and also i tried with &#060;Pre&#062; tag.<BR><BR>I am still getting the mail as &#060;img ...<BR>but the effect of the &#060;img&#062; tag is not there<BR><BR>pl help me incompleting this task.<BR><BR>and

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    Default change your email encoding format

    don&#039t forget to add<BR>...<BR>&#039---- BodyFormat Property ----<BR>Const CdoBodyFormatHTML = 0 &#039 The Body property is to include Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).<BR>Const CdoBodyFormatText = 1 &#039 The Body property is to be exclusively in plain text (default value).<BR><BR>&#039---- MailFormat Property ----<BR>Const CdoMailFormatMime = 0 &#039 The NewMail object is to be in MIME format.<BR>Const CdoMailFormatText = 1 &#039 The NewMail object is to be in uninterrupted plain text (default value).<BR><BR>objNewMail.BodyFormat = CdoBodyFormatHTML<BR>objNewMail.MailFormat = CdoMailFormatMime<BR><BR>Y need both of the above lines. Hope this works.<BR>

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