I am facing problem in formatting date fields for adding to an <BR>Oracle table. I am accepting the date through a form where day,month and year are given in list boxes. The code for adding the selected date to Oracle table is as below. If the user selects 04(jobcarddd) as day,11(jobcardmm) as month and 2000(jobcardyy) as year , when it is added to Oracle table it will store as 11-APR-00 (instead of storing as 04-NOV-00) . If user selects 21 as day,11 as month and 2000 as year it will store as 21-APR-00. <BR><BR>How can this date be formatted before adding to the table?<BR>I am using DRIVER={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle} in the connection string.<BR><BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include file="conjobcd.asp"--&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR><BR> Dim jobcarddt,objRS<BR> <BR> jobcarddt = trim(request("jobcarddd"))+"-"+trim(request("jobcardmm"))+"-"+trim(request("jobcardyy")) <BR><BR> set objRS = server.createobject("ADODB.RECORDSET")<BR> objRS.open "jobcard",objconn,adOpenDynamic,adLockOptimistic,a dCmdTable<BR><BR> objRS.addnew<BR> objRS("jobcarddt") = jobcarddt<BR> objRS.update<BR><BR> objRS.close<BR> set objRS = nothing<BR><BR> objconn.close<BR> set objconn = nothing<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>