Access, Passwords and DSN-Less Connections

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Thread: Access, Passwords and DSN-Less Connections

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    Bomber Tom Guest

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    I can connect to Access Databases using a connection string such as the following:<BR><BR>"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4. 0;Data Source=" & server.mappath("database.mdb")<BR><BR>However, when I give my Database a Password I cannot connect. I have tried adding all manner of bits to my connection string ("PWD=Password" etc) with no luck.<BR><BR>I have searched for ages to find an answer to this one. Any ideas out there?<BR><BR>Hopefully I don&#039t have to mess with access rights on the server cause I&#039m using shared hosting so I can&#039t.

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    gh Guest

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    Try &#039Password=&#039, the OLEDB syntax for PWD.

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    Bomber Tom Guest

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    I&#039ve tried that - only to get the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039 80040e4d&#039 <BR><BR>Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user. <BR><BR>What is a workgroup information file?

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    gh Guest

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    Oh...<BR><BR>Security is implemented in Access databases with a system database for the machine, system.mdw. You run a tool to create the system database and create the workgroups with the user ids and passwords you want to use. Otherwise, the security doesn&#039t work. It&#039s been a few years and all I remember is pain. I was hoping you just needed a password for an attached table or something..<BR><BR>Try this link for better info:<BR>

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    In Access 2000 it&#039s called . This is part of Access.wrkgadmin.exe . I had a lot of trouble with security on the database as well. Never did find the answer. Someone gave me this advice which I think I will follow.<BR><BR>"Personally, I take the attitude that you don&#039t really need to password secure your access database. You make sure the file is in a folder with appropriate restrictions so that it cannot be downloaded (deny http access), preferably outside of your web folders. You create a table in which you store username/password for each user, and only allow registered users to access restricted content. You can define in the user table, things such a access level and priveleges. Via ASP code, you can prevent the user from accessing pages for which he does not have permission, or you can filter what items or content are displayed. Finally you can use SSL to make sure communicating with the pages is secure. <BR><BR>So why do you need to make life mor difficult for yourself by adding security to the database." <BR><BR>If you are looking for some sort of login to access a query or something try, on the left side, in the frame click on Password Protection Access. (something like that) very little tweeking to be done. Make sure you copy the code to notepad and then copy the code to your HTML. Also change the code in the "tools.asp" the line that say "con.Open" should read "con.Open Address" <BR>

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    Bomber Tom Guest

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    Thanks for the help. I am already implementing a system such as the one Donna described only as I share a web server to which I have no access, I have no way of denying HTTP access to a directory nor of putting my db in a directory outside my web folders.<BR><BR>Oh well - what I have now will have to do.

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