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    I have two questions for which I am desperate for answers:<BR>1) I have a page requiring a client to enter personal data, as well as upload 0-3 files(.gif, .jpg) from their PC. I have struggled enormously with transferring those files to my database, where, at best, I can AppendChunk them to get a Long Binary File as the resulting field. I cannot retrieve that file as anything other than the string value of the file(ie. c://folder/pic.jpg). <BR>The RFC 1867, from 1995, describes this as a popular, yet unresolved problem.<BR>Does anybody have any suggestions? <BR><BR>2) Second question - I keep getting the "error ASP 0115"<BR>I have reloaded my MSDAC, thinking somes files might be corrupt, yet the situation continues...<BR><BR>Any help on either of these two questions would be HUGELY appreciated!<BR><BR>

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    Upload components are easily available and reliable, quick and easy to use - search - all come with docs on how to use in various situations<BR><BR>what&#039s the string description of ASP 0115 ? i&#039ve left my reference book in the office<BR><BR>j<BR>

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