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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am learning ASP and am stuck with this problem. <BR><BR>I have a page main.asp, where the user fills in certain details. One field (Combo box - c1) gets data from the database (SQL Server) table t1.<BR>A link is there beside the combo box field. This links opens a new window (save.asp) and the user fills in details and the details are saved to the database table t1 and the window is closed. This detail has to be updated in the combo box (c1) dynamically from one particular field in the database without losing the earlier data in the other fields entered by the user (Without refreshing a page).<BR><BR>Your inputs and sugesstions are valued very much and appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanking you in advance.

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    tricky without refreshing - why not submit the first form to save it&#039s data, then come back to it, and all the stuff will then be in place? or you could use javascript to pass values back to the opener, thereby updating the fields there<BR><BR>j

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