VBscript or JScript?

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Thread: VBscript or JScript?

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    Fazio82_7 Guest

    Default VBscript or JScript?

    I know that VBScript is the most used out there when it comes to writing ASP pages, but I would like to hear other&#039s input on JScript, too. This one is easy to respond to, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    How comfortable are you with either language, is the real question.<BR><BR>JScript Pros:<BR>Has a built in sort function for an array. No messing with bubble sorts and the like.<BR><BR>VBScript Pros:<BR>Trim function, format functions, many constants defined, easy to follow syntax.<BR><BR>The "norm", if you can call it that, is to use VBScript server side, and JavaScript/JScript client side. But you can mix and match... depends on which power of the language you want to exploit.

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    Michael John Guest

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    Even JScript can be used while writing ASP pages. Commonly used scripting language is VB script because only one tends to do in what he/she knows.<BR><BR>JScript can also be very much used!!!!

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Deja vu? no Deja.com....

    Copy this whole address and paste in your browser... this discussion has been had before!<BR><BR>http://x62.deja.com/[ST_rn=ps]/viewthread.xp?AN=689841207&search=thread&svcclass= dnyr&ST=PS&CONTEXT=975107346.1443168289&HIT_CONTEX T=975107346.1443168289&HIT_NUM=0&recnum=%3c%23YXr3 %23vRAHA.198@cppssbbsa03%3e%231/1&group=microsoft.public.scripting.jscript&frpage= viewthread.xp&back=clarinet

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