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    yls Guest

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    Hi, say for insert,delete, update, after i perform these three statments on my sql query, and some conditions are met for example<BR>1) Insert<BR>1.1) duplicate records<BR><BR>2) Delete<BR>2.1) Record not existent<BR><BR>3) Update<BR>3.1) Update to a non existent record<BR><BR>For the above, how do we catch and notify the user about it. emm, I am sure that there are many other traps and errors as well. thanks

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Why not check it BEFORE it goes in??<BR><BR>IF EXISTS(SELECT &#039True&#039 FROM yourTable WHERE something=&#039something&#039)<BR>BEGIN --this means the record is already there<BR>--Do your update here<BR>SELECT &#039Updated&#039 --this returns "updated" to your ASP page<BR>END<BR>ELSE<BR>BEGIN<BR>--Do your &#039insert&#039 here<BR>SELECT &#039Inserted&#039<BR>END<BR><BR>This way, you can tell the user that you either added him, or updated his info, without making a second trip.

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