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    Hello,<BR>I&#039m trying to display a button in an ASP page. It works with Explorer, but it doesn&#039t work with Navigator.<BR>the html code is this:<BR>" &#060;input type=&#039button&#039 value=&#039Foto aerea&#039 onclick=janela("fotos.asp?cod=fotosdir/2000GLVT02.jpg")&#062; "<BR>Janela is a JSCcript function. I believe the problem is with the onclick event! Does Navigator work with onclick? Is there any other way of doing this?<BR><BR>Thanks a Lot

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    Make sure the button is inside of &#060;form&#062; &#060;/form&#062; tags. Netscape won&#039t show form elements unless they are inside of a form.

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    You button must be inside a Form also make sure that the tags are properly closed.

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    Netscape can also be more picky about correct case. Try OnClick="java" instead of onclick="java", or even onClick="java"

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