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    hmmm I have a problem with mirroring (conceptual)...<BR> do many others it would appear from the postings to date.<BR><BR>Let&#039s assume that we have a single server and the load on that server becomes too much and we need to mirror that site on the other side of the globe to spread the load and increase access times for the site visitor where ever they are from.<BR><BR>Choosing the nearest mirrored site is beneficial to the visitor but how do you keep the information consistent between all mirrors ?<BR><BR>The critical element appears to be database related content and keeping it as fresh as possible in a LIVE environment such as an auction site like ****. Updating this information once a day or even once an hour isn&#039t good enough to provide accurate real-time content.<BR><BR>any links to hard to find resources would be appreciated.<BR>better still if you have worked through the model!<BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Well, if you have a single server doing Web *and* DB work, it would seem best to first decide where the bottleneck actually is, and assuming you&#039ve optimized that area of your app to it&#039s fullest extent, then break parts of the application to a new server.<BR><BR>For example if there is massive DB work that constitutes a majority of the server&#039s work, then simply breaking the db out to a more hefty server with a thick network pipe to the web server would be of the most benefit to you. <BR><BR>If you are really to the point where one box is not enough, you might consider replication (I&#039m assuming SQL Server here), look under the replication topic in SQL Server books online.

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    I am still at the concept stage of a super verticals network and trying to breakdown possible future problems with massive DB&#039s for many hosted solutions. The current development DB is on access, probably being converted to mySQL prior to public launch.<BR><BR>I currently have a single medium spec server for development but forsee a heavy duty server placed probably in East Coast US with 1 or 2 servers scattered at appropriate regional places throughout the globe next year when the services get ramped up.<BR><BR>Since writing the initial query, I have given it a little more thought and tasted a bottle a beer too (always helps)...<BR><BR>Conceptually, I am thinking of instancing the master database through the other servers who each collect their own regional traffic and log the changes respectively with another local DB.<BR>The changes in each of the regional servers are then periodically passed back (maybe once a minute or once in 5 minutes) to HQ for analysis and modification and respective files are then passed back to the regional servers to update their database in line with the master database...<BR>...and the whole process starts again.<BR><BR>If it sounds probably is!<BR>Whether it works in practice is another matter, but at least the beer works! ;)<BR><BR>cheers

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    I use the following methodology to maintain a syncronized state between 2 remote databases:<BR><BR>a) A trigger is fired on an INSERT or UPDATE (basically, any change) to a table,<BR><BR>b) The &#039affected&#039 recordsets are lifted from the dbase, persisted as xml and fired towards an .asp administration page on the other server,<BR><BR>c) The administration page replicates the UPDATE or INSERT action to its local database.<BR><BR>The synronizing is as fast as your link and server processing allows, with no spooling required.<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps..<BR>Dave

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