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    Is there a way to get rid off the window toolbar menu when opening a new window by using: TARGET="any_window"?????<BR><BR>If not, I open the new window from a JScript code, but then, I can´t neither resize the new window nor use code like:<BR>&#060;%IF op="New" THEN%&#062;<BR> &#060;INPUT TYPE=BUTTON VALUE="NEW" ...&#062;<BR>&#060;%END IF%&#062;<BR><BR>That code would work if the window is opened by using TARGET="any_window" and a button would be shown, <BR>however if opened by JScript, then I don´t get it!!!

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    JavaScript is the only way to open one without toolbars (or VBScript in IE of course, but let&#039s be cross-platform here)<BR><BR>to have a resizable window, include it as part of the options string - and what makes you think ASP code won&#039t work in a javascript window, exactly?<BR><BR>j

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