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    SCENARIO<BR>Hi, i have this page. Got a location listbox (data from database) and a no preferrence checkbox.<BR>A user can click only one of them. <BR><BR>Now got seven listboxes that are data-driven and dependent to what the user click. (Data is from the database)<BR><BR>So when the user clicks on the checkbox, the seven listboxes will be filled with data from the database with no preference.Same goes for clicking a loation from the location listbox (north, cenral, east, west) Each of them will gave a different set of data to the seven listboxes.<BR><BR>SOLUTION<BR>1) I have written the codes for the above, using ADO. I found that it takes a longer time as compared to a lesser data driven asp page. My concern is how to increase the performance of asp for such a situation. Thanks

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    Check msdn website for performance boosters.<BR><BR>Remember to sign up at<BR> Y

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