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    Sten Guest

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    I have a long list og records in a table. The table has a boolean field called "active".<BR><BR>I want to display all the records on one page, display the "active" field as a checkbox, and go through the list and click a number of the checkboxes.<BR><BR>Then I want to click he "Update" button and have he changes processed.<BR><BR>My question is:<BR>How do I collect the changes, and create an SQL statement.

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    Dontworry Guest

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    Sounds like the contents of each record or row will be in text boxes. Just have your code set to gather info where the checkbox for that row is &#039ON&#039. So if checkbox is check get information of that &#039ROW&#039 and make change.<BR><BR>Remember to signup at www.wingeorge.com<BR>http://www.wingeorge.com?cid=3&ctype=email&refid=DONTWORR Y

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