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    Running Windows 95 and trying to learn ASP.<BR>I have successfully uploaded simple ASP ("Hello World") file on to an ISP, but I completely fail to run/view ASP from a Personal Web Server. <BR>Lots of advice has come to nothing.<BR>Suggestion (on this site) to visit , but this page does not exist and redirects to a IE5.5 page.<BR>Tried Option Pack for WinNT 4.0, but this cannot be run on Windows 95. Manual inspection of CAB files in Option Pack reveals a file names pws.exe but this cannot be run since a DLL cannot be located.<BR>Installed Frontpage 98 which contains Frontpage Personal Web Server (note - this is not Microsoft Personal Web Server), again no success.<BR>Sourced a copy of Microsoft Personal Web Server (pws10a) and installed it. Resolved conflict on Port 80, but still no joy.<BR>Installation of Microsoft Active Server Pages, generated three error messages asking me to run regsvr32.exe, but gave no further details.<BR>Several otherwise excellent books (e.g. Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days) give clear details on installation, but none of the advice seems to work for Windows 95.<BR><BR>Lots of hair pulling leaves me nearly bald. Can anyone help?

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    actually, the NT Option pack download gives you an option to download for Win9x<BR><BR>or you could &#039borrow&#039 someone&#039s win98 CD and install it from the xtras directory<BR><BR>j

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