I have 5 tables in my Access DB:-<BR>Lev1,Lev2,Lev3,Lev4,Lev5.<BR><BR>The values of these tables come from product ID codes of the format;<BR>A/BB/C/D/EEEEEEEEE<BR>ie. A is Lev1, BB=Lev2 and so on.<BR><BR>Each value of BB has a parent in the A table which is an auto ID num and this pattern continues down the tables to EEEEEEEEEE.<BR>eg. If the value of A is Electrical goods - (autonum4)then all electrical goods in Lev2 have the parent 4.<BR>I am wanting to know how to write update statements for this.<BR>I will be using a form with A,BB,C,D,EEEEE fields and will be searching to see if the letter is already contained within the the table, and working down the tables from lev1 to lev5 and inserting the required data if the table doesn&#039t already contain that value.<BR><BR>I am going to use a barrel-load of nested ifs, however, I am not quite sure how to go about this.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.