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Thread: Create Images on the fly in ASP

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    Example<BR> emberNumber=885378730&sendEmail=&ecEmail=&pdType=E P&persText=HOW%20DO%20I%20DO%20THIS%20IS%20ASP%20% 3f&msgColor=0,0,0&msgFont=Arial&msgPointSize=16<BR ><BR>As you can see in the URL I am putting How do I do this in asp (with %20 as spaces) this is creating an image on the fly with that wording in the image.<BR><BR>This is what I would like to do I know how to do this in PHP but not sure if this can be done in ASP I know there is a product called ASpimage that might be able to do this. I would just like to know if any one has any ideas on this or the best way to write a script to do this.

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    Go to and check out the components they list for doing graphics with ASP. There are several available.

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