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    Please can anyone tell me how to intiate a empty three dimensional array, then how to redim particular dimensions and how to add things to specific dimensions

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    Init 10x10x1 array:<BR>Redim ThreeDimArray(10,10,1)<BR><BR>Accessing:<BR>ThreeD imArray(1,1,1) = "Hi there"<BR>ThreeDimArray(2,1,1) = "Woo!"<BR><BR>Make last dim 1 bigger:<BR>Redim Preserve TheeDimArray(10,10,2)<BR><BR>Access new dimension:<BR>ThreeDimArray(1,1,2) = "More woo!"<BR><BR>Remember, it is not possible to Redim other than last dimension. Also, check the manual on this one. It&#039s not that hard info to find.<BR><BR>I personally use the HTML Workshop help. There&#039s a nice indexed VBScript file that is fast to use when coding.<BR>Don&#039t hang me on this one, but I think it&#039s included in the download at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/tools/htmlhelp/wkshp/htmlhelp.EXE

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