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Thread: <TEXTAREA> values in Database: PROBLEM

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    My pages have Input boxes and Textarea&#039s whoms values are put into a database using SQL statements like:<BR><BR>INSERT INTO (a,b) VALUES (&#039var1&#039,var2&#039)<BR><BR>Now the problem is when var1 has a &#039 in its value. The query is then misunderstood and gives an error. Is there a way to make sure the data that is inserted is correct and does not give errors. Is there a way that &#039 characters are allowed to be passed. Is &#039 the only character that gives problems like these? Perhaps I should replace them using Javascript into ".<BR><BR>Help please

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    I have had this problem in the past.<BR>Use:<BR>Replace(var1,"&#039", "&#039&#039")

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    Default encode the whole string into HTML first

    You can avoid all problems if before you send the field to the database you use:<BR>...<BR>Server.HTMLEncode(string)<BR>...<BR >This changes possible candidates to HTML code, like the space " " becomes "&nbsp;".

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