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    I asked this question before, but I guess it wasn&#039t clear what I meant.<BR><BR>I have a couple of &#060;INPUT&#062; fields and a submit button. Now when the page is loaded the focus is on the first field. When people press TAB they move through the fields. Now I want that when they press the "enter" key the submit button is used. This must be possible while the focus is still on one of the &#060;INPUT&#062; boxes. So when people are typing input, when they press enter the thing gets submitted, without them having to focus on the submit button. Is there no onKey("enter"):"form.submit()" or something like that?

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    when you have a small number of fields (like, two of them) enter will work. but think about usability. what about if they hit enter by mictake? what if they didn&#039t expect it? leave it up to the user, and don&#039t try to control their experience.<BR><BR>www.useit.com/alertbox/<BR><BR>usability is paramount (despite the fact i vociferously disagree with a lot of the points on the above mentioned site.)<BR><BR>j

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