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    I am trying to distinct row 1 and 2 because firstname && lastname are similar. Any idea&#039s how to do this? Thnx!<BR><BR> firstname lastname email<BR>&#124 1&#124 bill gates billgates@microsoft.com<BR>&#124 2&#124 bill gates money@microsoft.com<BR>&#124 3&#124 bill clinton bill@whitehouse.gov<BR>&#124 4&#124 robert clinton robert@hotmail.com<BR>

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    Do you mean like:<BR><BR>SELECT firstname, lastname<BR>FROM RichWellKnownPeople<BR>GROUP BY firstname, lastname<BR><BR>... OR do you mean something completely different?<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ darren@showusyourcode.com ]

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    No Darren, <BR>I meant something else but i already fixed it. Thanx for your advise.

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