I have a page that shows a table of Holiday requests (say 2 requests) When I go to the page that creates a new request and submit it, another page will appear (this page updates the database) for four seconds saying that the request has been sent to the appropriate manager and then return to the first page showing the table of holiday request. When I use javascript to automatically return to the home page there is still only two records on the table but if I replace the JavaScript with a link to the same page the table is updated to three records.<BR>There is something in the JavaScript that is not triggering the update. The code is as follows:<BR><BR><BR> var counter = 0<BR> function increment()<BR> {<BR> counter++;<BR> if (counter==2)<BR> {<BR> clearInterval(timerID)<BR> this.window.location.href="Home.asp" <BR> }<BR> }<BR> <BR> timerID = setInterval(&#039increment()&#039,1000) <BR><BR> <BR>Hope I have made myself clear.<BR>Thank You.