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    Hello everyone!<BR><BR>I had to make a drop down Menu coming from the database that means that the drop down Menu have to do something with the rekursion or not.<BR><BR>Í know how to get the datas from the Database and putting them into an Array but I don´t know how to write them seeing like a drop down Menu!!<BR><BR>First you can see the first Level of the Database which has the parent 0 and after klicking at a Menu point the others have to be drop down so that under the Menupoint you have klickt, you can see it´s undermenupoints or calling children.<BR><BR>This has to be going on all the time that means you can have as many Levels as you want<BR><BR>All the code have to be in ASP!!!<BR><BR>Hope you can help me!!<BR>Bye<BR><BR>Alex <BR>

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    Default http://www.learnasp.com

    basic stuff<BR><BR>j

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