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    I&#039m new to ASP and I&#039m trying my hands on Database. Can any one please help me out with the following.<BR>I have a table with two fields Order Number and Item. And the data in the table will be like:<BR>OrderNumber Item<BR>----------- ------<BR>A001 Mouse<BR>A001 Modem<BR>A002 Monitor<BR>A003 Speaker<BR><BR>What I would like to know is how can I code an ASP page where the Order Number A001, which is repeated twice, will <BR><BR>be treated as the same Order Number. And it will show the following result based on a search form.<BR><BR>The Order Number A001 has Mouse, Modem<BR><BR>Instead of:<BR><BR>The Order Number A001 has Mouse<BR>The Order Number A001 has Modem<BR><BR>I&#039m able to code but I cannot make my code understand both A001 is the same Order Number. My code takes them as <BR><BR>different Order Numbers.<BR><BR>Any Help regarding this problem will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>Soumya Shankar Ghosal<BR><BR>

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    data shaping would do it, but it looks to me like you need to rethink your database design before doing that. if you&#039re new to ASP, you may find it tricky, but you&#039ll find plenty of articles on data shaping at - and there&#039s a good intro to relationalising your data at in the ASp section<BR><BR>j

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