Jscript of VBscript?

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Thread: Jscript of VBscript?

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    Default Jscript of VBscript?

    Jscript of VBscript?

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    Default RE: Jscript of VBscript?

    can u be clear. i didnt get the question.????<BR><BR>sudheer

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    Default you mean JScript OR VBScript, right?

    personal preference only - they do pretty much the same things, with minor functional differences. Whatever you&#039re most comfortable with<BR><BR>you can also use :<BR><BR>PerlScript<BR>Pythonm<BR><BR>or any other language with an ActiveX Scripting engine (installed on your server)<BR><BR>there&#039s a discussion on it in the ASP section of http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws - wntitled &#039yes, there are other languages&#039<BR><BR>j

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