I&#039m using asp to display statistical graphs with data from an Access database. However, the data retrieved will have to be "processed" or rather filtered into respective x-axis values. <BR><BR>Initially, I planned to use the recordcount method but then that would that too many separate connections(not very sure, but I bet its real slow). <BR><BR>Then I read an article about the VB function called filter but it only works on a single dimension array. I needed multidimensional arrays because the x-axis values are calculated from a column that is not used in the filter function. i.e.<BR><BR>Salary Name<BR>1000 John<BR>2000 Will<BR>3000 Sally<BR>2000 Jack<BR><BR>suppose i wanted to filter names with the letter "l" and add their respective salaries. and later, filter the names with the letter "j" from the same array and add their respective salaries too. The filter function only filters one column but as you can see, i need the reference to the second column as well.<BR><BR>Is there a way to do this without making a lot of recordsets? I&#039m rather concerned with the efficiency if I were to use a single recordset and for loop to go through each row(very large database). <BR><BR>Maybe you could suggest another method. Sorry for such a long question though. Thanx.