when installing new .dll components on win 2k using the coponent services, which account should be used as the identity for the new application? this is for asp components on a public site...<BR><BR>also, where should i set the permisions for the public site (it is a virtual folder)...<BR><BR>1. visual interdev 6.0 web permissions<BR>2. windows explorer<BR>3. computer management Permissions Wizard<BR><BR>currently, public users are unable to gain access to the public site in this virtual folder... they can access the root folder of the server though, and the virtual folder is set to inherit the root&#039s permissions?!?! the error they get is a 401.3<BR><BR>running win 2k prof. w/ sp1, iis 5.0, visual interdev 6.0 w/ sp4<BR><BR>thanks