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    Randy Anchikoski Guest

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    Hello.<BR>This both an observation and a question. <BR>--------------<BR>OS: Windows 2000 Workstation/Windows 2000 Server<BR>--------------<BR>First, the observation.<BR><BR>Problem: ASP buffer not being flushed (or output if buffering is off) when asked.<BR>Solution: Ensure buffer contents exceed 256 bytes.<BR><BR>Secondly, the question.<BR>Is this 256 byte threshold known to everyone except me? I couldn&#039t find it documented anywhere and only figured it out by trial and error. Is there some setting that I should have modified that turns this 256 byte limit off?<BR><BR>Just really curious.<BR><BR>Randy<BR>

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    Default Question re: observation.

    &#062; Solution: Ensure buffer contents exceed 256 bytes.<BR><BR>Can I just ask, why would you need to Buffer anything under 256 bytes, - for a progress meter maybe?<BR><BR>I just couldn&#039t think of any other reason to need to Buffer anything under 256 bytes?<BR><BR>Me curious too :)<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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    Randy Anchikoski Guest

    Default RE: Question re: observation.

    Hey Darren,<BR><BR>That&#039s exactly it. Oracle Reports returns a very tiny HTML screen when it successfully prints to a printer (we haven&#039t found a way to have Oracle Reports output a custom page). The HTML from Oracle is simply a &#039Report printed successfully&#039 with an OK button. I&#039m intercepting this using the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP30 class so that I can parse the response and generate my own page. But before I output the results, I&#039m using the response object to output a &#039wait...&#039 message (with html, head, body). You see, the delay from Oracle Reports is significant, so I wanted something on the page so that the user could see something was happening. I would not have had the problem if I&#039d have made the header part of the page bigger, but I just didn&#039t. Now I know, so there&#039s no problem. Just odd that it&#039s not documented.<BR><BR>Randy

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