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    I have an "onChange" event handler on a select list which links to another page. The link pages are in the "value" attribute of the &#060;option&#062; tag. This does work.<BR><BR>However, when the users "back" to the original page with the select list, I need to have the "selected" item in the select list come up. This &#060;option&#062; is index "0".<BR><BR>The problem is if the users want to re-link to the page they just left, they cannot because of the "onChange". Basically, nothing has changed. I do need to give them the option to go to the same page they just left.<BR><BR>Any ideas out there? I am trying to write an onLoad function to reset the selected index to "0" with no success.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    it&#039s cause the browser uses a cached version of the page when going back. useful if you fill in a form, then decide to go back and alter one field. what you&#039d need to do is actually link back to the navigation page, instead of using back button or self.history.go(-1) or whatever<BR><BR>j

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    Thank you. This information was helpful.

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