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    duc Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am have a form with a multiple line text box. Where I am collecting user input. for example<BR><BR>This is the first Input Line<BR>This is the second Input Line<BR>This is the third Input Line<BR>And so on<BR><BR>I want to save these input in a memo field in Access.<BR>and then latter on retrive it to display on a different page with the same format how would I do that. I mean how would I save line by line when I don&#039t know how many line they are going to input.<BR><BR>Duc

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    Jayaram Guest

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    Do u want to save it in access only or u want to store it in a<BR>text file because storing in textfile means we can reteive <BR>each line readline method If ok means we&#039ll discuss further

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    Duc Guest

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    it&#039s okie to save it in a text file but then how are you going to extract each line form a multiple line text box to write it in to a text file?<BR>Duc

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