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    smbius Guest

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    Is there a setting I can change in access 97 to avoid getting this error?<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not use &#039(unknown)&#039; file already in use. <BR><BR>I would like to modify the DB directly and not have to close the app everytime to view the page (which is also trying to access the DB). I&#039ve been able to do this lots of times with access 2000. Is this just a limitation with 97?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>

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    ND Guest

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    I still use Access 97 and haven&#039t had any problems accessing a database through ASP while the same was open in Access 97.<BR><BR>The only times I&#039ve recived the "unknown" error have been the result of trying to open an Access 2000 database using the Access 97 driver. Very Rarely has the reverse happened on my work computer (Opening Access 97 with 2000 driver).

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