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    Fazio82_7 Guest

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    Just recently started web programming and using ASP. Boss wants me to set up page that enables a user to write email to a specific person via a textarea and login username and password. How would I set something like this up? Should I use ASPMail? <BR>Please help. And please feel free to take advantage of my ignorance as a chance to do a good deed for the day. <BR>thanks

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    Jayaram Guest

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    We can use cdonts object to ssend mails<BR><BR>set mail=createobject("cdonts.newmail")<BR>mail.from="")<BR>""<B R>mail.body="Your message goes here"<BR>mail.send<BR><BR>We can even use cc&#039s and bcc&#039s <BR>Best of Luck

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    Fazio82_7 Guest

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    thanks a mill...Anyone else?

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