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    Ok, I created an Access97 database, auto-id and a few fields. In the process of moving the database to the server to try to insert records using asp, and my computer to check it out, modify for the time being or delete, i lost my auto-id, because when i insert a record, no auto-id is created. Also I can download the database, pop it up in Access97 and create a new record, and it is not given an auto-id. Help me get it back! Please don&#039t say I will have to retype in all the data!<BR><BR>Raymond

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    Ok go into your access database. open the table in Design view<BR>insert a row into your table make it an autonumber field. when you save this and open up the database your autonumber field should be filled in for all your existing records. Note you should also specify in the field properies under indexed "yes(no duplicates)"<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>Tanya

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