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    sorry for putting this again.<BR><BR>I have declared my list box as multiple. <BR><BR>when I submit my form, I want to select all the items in the drop down list. how do I do that?? <BR><BR>thanks in advance. <BR><BR>Smita.

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    List controls, also called selections in HTML, are the equivalent of combo-boxes in Windows.<BR>&#060;select name="favecolor"&#062;<BR>&#060;option&#062;red<BR >&#060;option&#062;blue<BR>&#060;option&#062;black <BR>&#060;option&#062;Chartruese<BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR>Each option can also have a VALUE attribute so that you could submit something other than the text next to the tag.<BR><BR>Any OPTION cam also have the SELECTED added so that it is "selected" when the form is brought up.<BR><BR>The MULTIPLE attribute makes any selection multiple enabled, allowing you to pick say both Red and Blue as yout favorite color.<BR><BR>I hope this is what you are looking for.<BR>good luck

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    When a select input type is set as "Multiple" the values are stored in a comma-delimited string. So, you can use the Split function to chop this up into an array like:<BR><BR>ArrayName = Split(VariableName, ",") <BR><BR>The comma is the value to split the array on.<BR><BR>Then any time you need to access the values, you will have to loop through the array like this:<BR><BR>For x = LBound(ArrayName) To UBound(ArrayName)<BR> Code Goes Here<BR>Next

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