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    ive been doing asp for a while but now i hear about the magic of cf and jsp, php etc..... should i switch just to not be dependent on microsofts stuff?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Sure, start coding in the other languages... doesn&#039t hurt to be well rounded, right? As far as the "magic", it depends on what you&#039re trying to do (and in fact, WHO you&#039re really talking to).

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    I am not too familiar with Cold Fusion of PHP, but I like working with ASP. Microsoft is not all bad. And because you are using Microsoft means that Microsoft will come up with more programs that will support what you are doing, as will other companies &#039follow&#039 in microsoft&#039s path. So for now, in my opinion, stick with ASP. As there might be easier options with Cold Fusion or PHP, there will also be a lot of limitations. This might easily change in the future, but until now....

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