sleep() -ing from within an ASP page?

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Thread: sleep() -ing from within an ASP page?

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    Default sleep() -ing from within an ASP page?

    Hello,<BR>I would like to sleep() from within my asp page, does anyone know how I might manage this?

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    S Guest

    Default RE: sleep() -ing from within an ASP page?

    Can you please Explain me ..<BR>How do you SLEEP() ??? :-)<BR>(For people like us , who do not have C Background )<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default If you mean delay

    Then, no, you can&#039t do it illogically in code.<BR><BR>You "could" cheat, by making a loop that does nothing, but that will bring the full fire of other programmers (myself included).<BR><BR>Perhaps you should tell us WHY you&#039re trying to delay the processor?

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    Default RE: If you mean delay

    I know I can delay, and use 100% of the proc time, but I&#039m not terribly interested in doing such a thing. As for the previous question, a sleep() delays the execution of calling code by a certain time value. I am interesting in waiting for a response from a database from within my ASP page. the page works just as I&#039d like with the delay (from the user&#039s standpoint), but I can&#039t deal with the horrendously inefficient delay cycle.<BR><BR>

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    Default Free "sleep" component from ServerObjects

    I *believe* that has a free component that will sleep for any specified time. I presume it simply does a thread sleep at the OS level. Pretty trivial, but nice to not have to write it.<BR><BR>

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