Saving to an XML file using the DOM

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Thread: Saving to an XML file using the DOM

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    Hi everyone.<BR><BR>I am currently working on a project to dynamically update an XML file. Sort of like an admin page, where someone can go in and make changes to different parts of the file, then have it saved and update the XML file. I have figured out how to edit the XML using the DOM, but my question is, how do I write the changes to the XML and save the file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!<BR><BR>Chris

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    Default MSDN Search --> Saving to an XML file using t e&btnSearch=Search&boolean=ALL&chkM=on&chkM_0=on&c hkM_1=on&chkM_2=on&chkM_3=on&chkM_4=on&chkM_5=on&c hkM_6=on&chkM_7=on&chkM_8=on&chkM_9=on&chkM_10=on& chkM_11=on&chkM_12=on&chkM_13=on&chkM_14=on&chkM_1 5=on&chkM_16=on&chkM_17=on&chkM_18=on&chkM_19=on&c hkS=on&chkS_0=on&chkS_1=on&chkS_2=on&chkS_3=on&chk S_4=on&chkS_5=on&chkS_6=on&chkS_7=on&chkS_8=on&chk S_9=on&chkS_10=on&chkS_11=on&chkS_12=on&chkS_13=on &chkS_14=on&chkS_15=on&chkA=on&chkA_0=on&chkA_1=on &chkA_2=on&chkA_3=on&chkA_4=on&chkA_5=on&chkA_6=on &chkP=on&chkP_0=on&chkP_1=on&chkP_2=on&chkP_3=on&c hkP_4=on&chkP_5=on&chkP_6=on&chkP_7=on&chkP_8=on&c hkP_9=on&chkP_10=on&chkP_11=on&chkP_12=on&chkP_13= on&chkP_14=on&chkP_15=on&chkP_16=on&chkK=on&p=1&nq =NEW

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