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Thread: Calculating age from date of birth

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    How can I display a persons correct age from a date of birth(format dd/mm/yy)? When using DateDiff("yyyy" Dob, Date) i get the difference between the years but not the correct age. Thanks

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    From the help file:<BR><BR>When comparing December 31 to January 1 of the immediately succeeding year, DateDiff for Year ("yyyy") returns 1 even though only a day has elapsed.<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Looks like you&#039re going to have to extend your function to check months and dates also. <BR><BR>Settings<BR>The interval argument can have the following values:<BR>Setting Description <BR>yyyy Year <BR>q Quarter <BR>m Month <BR>y Day of year <BR>d Day <BR>w Weekday <BR>ww Week of year <BR>h Hour <BR>n Minute <BR>s Second <BR><BR>

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