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    Is it AT ALL possible to store .doc, .pdf and other binary file types in an<BR>Access OLE Object field and pull them out with ASP code WITHOUT having to<BR>create .dlls to do it?<BR><BR>Is there anyone who has succeeded?<BR><BR>I&#039ve spent a day or so trawling the groups, been led to believe the code<BR>was contained in Wrox&#039s Pro. ASP 3.0 but have failed to find it.<BR><BR>All I can find are the MS article which tells you how to create a .dll to<BR>strip off the ole header for .bmp files (tried it and weyheyhey it worked -<BR>but loathed to start tinkering to see if I can get it to do .doc etc!) and<BR>display them.<BR><BR>I&#039ve had a fiddle with SQL, although a complete newbie, and my cursory<BR>examination indicates that you can&#039t use a GUI to just copy and paste files<BR>into the BLOB (aka Image) fields. You have to use bcp right?<BR><BR>I was hoping to build an Access front end to Access database which would<BR>allow staff to drop Word files and Acrobat files into the form, and then<BR>have the web side of things spit them out as downloadable files for<BR>students to pick up. The world on a stick?<BR><BR>Anyway, I&#039m towards the end of my tether. <BR><BR>Please help me before I take a hammer to my PC!<BR><BR>All the best,<BR><BR>Sam<BR><BR>

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    I should have added that I&#039ve also seen a lot about taking images from Access databases etc such as the ones titled &#039Pulling images etc etc&#039 from ASPToday. All seem to infer you need a &#039magic number&#039 which is the lenth of the OLE header to strip off before writing the binary.<BR><BR>I&#039d like to think you just can&#039t do this. Because then I&#039ll feel happy that the reason I couldn&#039t do it was because you just can&#039t do it.<BR><BR>So there&#039s a challenge!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...<BR><BR>Sam<BR><BR>s.foster@bangor.ac.uk

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