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    Nivita Guest

    Default sending mails in bulk

    I have actually tried sending mails to all the email ids in my database using a &#039while not rst.eof&#039 loop and JMail.The problem is, once the looping starts, the server either becomes sluggish or hangs.Is there some other means by which i could overcome this problem?Do we have some other email component which doesnt give such a problem?Please respond at the earliest in case u have a solution.-Nivita.

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    4guysfromfps Guest

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    employ a separate person & ask him to send a mail to each one of them . this won&#039t affect ur server.<BR><BR>no mention pls<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>4guysfromfps

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    Default RE: sending mails in bulk

    Thought of scheduling the mailing for the least busy time of day?

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    Nivita Guest

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    wow! so u 4 guys are willing to take up the job of sitting and sending the mails.Thanks.

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    4guysfromfps Guest

    Default thanks for ur offer

    hi,<BR> Thanks for ur offer. But we r sorry be&#039cos u won&#039t be able to afford our salary.<BR><BR><BR>

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